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Happy Fathers Day!

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June 21st, 2015 Posted 7:53 am

Happy Fathers Day!!


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101 in 1001 Project – pre-June Modern Library

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June 21st, 2015 Posted 7:37 am

101 in 1001
Monday, June 1, 2015
To: Monday, February 26, 2018


  • Modern Library Top 100

002 – The Great Gatsby

004 – Lolita

006 – Sound and the Fury

015 – To the Lighthouse

021 – Henderson the Rain King

024 – Winesburg, Ohio

038 – Howards End

041 – Lord of the Flies

045 – Sun Also Rises

055 – On the Road

058 – Age of Innocence

064 – Catcher in the Rye

068 – Main Street

086 – Ragtime


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101 in 1001 Project – pre-June Oscar Winners, part 2

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June 20th, 2015 Posted 3:58 pm

101 in 1001
Monday, June 1, 2015
To: Monday, February 26, 2018


  • Oscar winners for best film 1969-now

1993 – Schindler’s List

1994 – Forrest Gump

1995 – Braveheart

1997 – Titanic

1998 – Shakespeare in Love

1999 – American Beauty

2000 – Gladiator

2001 – Beautiful Mind

2002 – Chicago

2003 – Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

2004 – Million Dollar Baby

2005 – Crash

2006 – The Departed

2007 – No Country for Old Men

2008 – Hurt Locker

2008 – Slumdog Millionaire

2010 – The Kings Speech



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101 in 1001 Project – pre-June Oscar Winners, part 1

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June 20th, 2015 Posted 3:40 pm

Let the countdown begin…

101 in 1001
Monday, June 1, 2015
To: Monday, February 26, 2018


  • Oscar winners for best film 1969-now

1969 – Midnight Cowboy

1970 – Patton

1971 – French Connection

1972 – Godfather

1975 – One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

1976 – Rocky

1978 – Deer Hunter

1979 – Kramer vs Kramer

1980 – Ordinary People

1982 – Gandhi

1983 – Terms of Endearment

1985 – Out of Africa

1986 – Platoon

1987 – Last Emperor

1988 – Rain Man

1990 – Dances with Wolves

1991 – Silence of the Lambs

1992 – Unforgiven


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101 in 1001 Project – pre-June Documentaries

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June 20th, 2015 Posted 2:44 pm

101 in 1001
Monday, June 1, 2015
To: Monday, February 26, 2018


  • 50 documentaries to see before you die

01 – Hoop Dreams

02 – The Thin Blue Line

03 – Roger & Me

05 – SuperSize Me

07 – Celluloid Closet

09 – Trouble the Water

10 – Grizzly Man

12 – Bowling for Columbine

14 – Dark Days

15 – Crumb

18 – Food, Inc.


19 – Touching the Void

21 – Exit Through the Gift Shop

24 – Paradise Lost

26 – Murderball

28 – Gasland

30 – Fahrenheit 9/11

31 – Jesus Camp

32 Dogtown and Z Boys

34 – Brothers Keeper

38 – March of the Penguins

41 – King of Kong

42 – Catfish

43 – When the Levees Broke

45 – The Decline of Western Civilization Part II

48 – The Kid Stays in the Picture

49 – Madonna Truth or Dare


101 in 1001 Project

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June 20th, 2015 Posted 8:54 am

Let the countdown begin…

101 in 1001
Monday, June 1, 2015
To: Monday, February 26, 2018


  1. 365 Project [for 365 days…]
  2. DITL [1/month]
  3. Blog at least 3x/week
  4. Create feature/guest schedule
  5. Increase readership/comments [private quantity]
  6. Top 10 lists [1/mo]
  7. Video blog [1/mo | starting after 6 months]


  1. Soap [brand]
  2. Dread falls [brand]
  3. New marketing materials
  4. Redesign website [and update monthly]
  5. Spirit paintings [brand]
  6. Ritual kits on Etsy [brand]
  7. Add pagan department [brand]
  8. Add x items/mo [private quantity]


  1. RAKs [private quantity]
  2. Handiwork Ministry [private quantity]
  3. Complement employees via managers
  4. Volunteer x __ hours [private quantity]
  5. 100 Volunteer photos at Find A Grave


  1. Quilt for Jordan
  2. Quilt for Alek
  3. Quilt for Ravynn
  4. Quilt for Whisper
  5. Etsy for Ravynn
  6. Genealogy [finish digitizing Daddy’s research]
  7. Finish outstanding projects [no more than 3 at a time]


  1. 150 documentaries
  2. 50 documentaries to see before you die
  3. Golf lessons
  4. Painting
  5. Swimming
  6. Veg crockpot cookbook
  7. Begin Master’s Program


  1. Postcrossing [private quantity]
  2. Oscar winners for best film 1969-now
  3. Trip by train
  4. The Secret
  5. Modern Library Top 100
  6. Letter to me
  7. 50 Questions
  8. Ghost Tour
  9. Yoga
  10. Affirmations [write and utilize]
  11. Cultivate friendships [make time 1/mo]
  12. Cultivate relationships with kids [1:1 1/mo]


  1. Paper birthday cards
  2. Camping
  3. Family photo shoots


  1. Increase income by __% [private quantity]
  2. Save 4mo emergency fund
  3. $0 debt [outside of mortgage]
  4. Fill/use safe deposit box
  5. 1/mo shopping
  6. Reduce food bill by 50%

Health by adding:

  1. Run 1 mi without stopping
  2. Walk 1001 total miles
  3. Gym @ 450 visits
  4. Supplement schedule
  5. Water daily
  6. 10,000 crunches

Heath by subtracting

  1. Cleanse/detox [/1 mo]
  2. No soda/1 mo
  3. To goal weight [lose 10#]
  4. To goal weight [lose 20#]
  5. To goal weight [lose 30#]
  6. To goal weight [lose 40#]
  7. To goal weight [lose 50#]
  8. To goal weight [lose 60#]
  9. To goal weight [lose 70#]
  10. To goal weight [lose 80#]
  11. To goal weight [lose 90#]
  12. To goal weight [lose 100#]


  1. Deep clean and org the house [1 FULL day per month]
  2. Cleaning schedule
  3. Natural/homemade cleaning products
  4. Inventory non-perishables
  5. Address book
  6. Calendar
  7. Canning
  8. Frames
  9. Death row painting
  10. Scan old family photos


  1. Garden
  2. Compost
  3. Fruit trees
  4. Hammock
  5. Bat house
  6. Rain barrel
  7. Outside space


  1. Tattoo
  2. BOS
  3. Org family ritual kits
  4. 8 sabbats + esbats
  5. Spells
  6. Tarot


  1. Skin care routine
  2. Nails pretty
  3. Day spa
  4. Purge closet
  5. Create/refine “style”

** Will be updated monthly – starting with a post regarding what of the “x of the xxx” has already been completed.


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Shaking in My Docs


October 16th, 2013 Posted 9:50 am

I admit to several slightly irrational fears:  clowns;  monkeys;  the smell of toothpaste [don’t ask].  If you’ve been in earshot anytime within the past 18 years [essentially since I found out I was pregnant the very first time], you’re well aware of another – the biggieRAISING DAUGHTERS.


Don’t get me wrong. I love these little she-monsters will all my heart. But, having been raised in a house full of women [one mom, one aunt, two sisters, and me] plus my father, I know how difficult we can be.  Yes, we. I won’t pretend I’m not part of that equation.  I did breathe a sigh of relief when the first two children were boys, but I swear my heart stopped for an instant when Eric looked at Ravynn’s [of course she didn’t have a name until she was three days old, but that is another story for another time] ultrasound screen and announced gleefully, “that’s a girl!”  That is was.

Oh my!

I was sure the first decade would go well. But I knew, without a doubt, somewhere not long after that, lurked the crazy.  It happens to all of us, without fail, only in different degrees.  I expected it to hit my house with a vengeance, especially when less than a year later we welcomed another wee princess.

It’s only a minor exaggeration to say I’ve been living in fear of their 11th birthdays.  Ravynn celebrated 12 not long ago Whisper is looking forward to 11 in February. I do see a little crazy waiting for us in the years ahead. Two girls making a path through their teenage years [and high school] at essentially the same time can’t leave anyone entirely unharmed.  Mama included.


Fear of this has kept me from agreeing to the much requested slumber party. Until this past weekend.  I must have been feeling brave when I agreed to let Ravynn invite her friends over.  She is one of a triad of friends.  Three very similar young ladies.  Similar enough that I didn’t notice the addition.  They cleaned up after themselves; they said please and thank you; they were sweet.  I had intended to spend my time doing things that would keep me out of their way – because isn’t that what you want at a slumber party?? – but they kept coming to get me and asking if I was going to watch movies or eat with them.

Very sweet, but quite unexpected.

That first sleepover went so well, that I gave in when she asked to schedule another one tonight.

I suspect I may be the crazy one.



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October 10th, 2013 Posted 11:55 pm

We’re running a a Rafflecopter giveaway!!!

Come on over and enter to win a fabulous Trick or Treat bag from Bats! meow…




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I May Be a Hypocrite

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October 9th, 2013 Posted 10:00 am

Driving through town to pick up Jordan from an event at the library, Whisper and I were jamming out to the radio.  Really. Dancing, singing, letting our hair blow in the breeze.  We’re manic station flippers and were bouncing between stations, leaving the second we didn’t like what we heard.  For the most part, we agreed on the decisions we were making.


“If you can’t hear what I’m trying to say
If you can’t read from the same page.”

Ugh.  Whisper immediately starts singing along. Horrified, I immediately reach for the radio. I’ll admit, my sweet little princess threw a bit of a temper tantrum.  The song is catchy, but it’s not that good…  “We do NOT listen to that song.”  My rule: Forbidden Music.

Not too long ago, Eric set a similar rule.

“So la da di da di
We like to party
Dancing with Molly
Doing whatever we want
This is our house
This is our rules”

Yup. I like that one too.  In theory, I even like what it says. Short of that one little reference. You know the one, right? Well, that’s the one that moved it to the Forbidden Music list.

It’s a relatively short list. Two songs from all the decades of available music and they’re both current!  Amazing.

Just the other day, Jordan scolded me for not turning off the radio when the song, “Pumped Up Kicks” [Foster the People] came on.

The story of a high school student intending to take a gun to school and shoot his classmates…

“All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You’d better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You’d better run, better run, faster than my bullet.”

 And then a favorite from a CD that Ravynn and I are both super fond of.

This is not a well adjusted relationship…

“I used to love her,
But I had to kill her
I had to put her six feet under
And I can still hear her complain”

Then this one. There really are no words for how much I love it.  In fact, it’s almost a family joke that this will be my first request when Jordan brings his iPod in the van.

“I am the Tin Man, who the ___ are you?
Do you know how badly your blood will clash with that shade of blue?
Has no one clued you in that in this land there is no scarier
Answer me or so help me I will crush that ___ terrier”

So yes. A hypocrite. Verified.

I’ve always been really comfortable with my double standards.  More than I should and enough that it really annoys a lot of people. But, I insist you can learn more about people from the exceptions they make than by the actual rules they say they live by.

I’ve said no to the date rape anthem and to the “praise” of illegal drugs by someone I did hold up as a good kid and a decent role model.  At the same time… school shootings, murder, and well… more murder by a character from a beloved childhood movie all make the cut. Even I wonder what it says about me.  Not being one to really enjoy comedy at all, I can pretend it’s the comic elements in each of these songs. Or at least the tone that keeps them from being taken seriously.

But it’s not.

After some thought, I imagine it’s more that I know all girls are potential targets for date rape.  And it kills me to admit that. I want to imagine my kids are safe and sound at all times. All humans are potential drug users. But I see less than a fraction of a chance that my children will become murderers.  The other Forbidden songs illustrate real-world threats.

Maybe I’m not a hypocrite afterall…

…but I probably am.




We Bought Stuff


July 18th, 2013 Posted 7:48 pm

A lot of stuff.

Friday evening, we [Eric, the girls,& I] drove around town and the topic of yard sales came up.  Since I had a Saturday morning off, we could all go together.  That’s been a rare thing for a good year or so, so I was really excited. Knowing this journey was bound to be special, I set about creating intent for the day, asking each person what they REALLY wanted to find through the day.  I wanted pretty mugs and teacups that I could repurpose into candle holders.  Whisper wanted shoes – specifically tennis shoes. Ravynn wanted clothes. And Eric was hoping for witchy/pagan items, either for as-is use or for crafting.  We wished it, we saw it, we had faith.

The first few stops we made were underwhelming.  Set up for collectors and VERY overpriced.  I did find a pretty pendant that can be resold after some “cleaning”.

I was very successful in my quest to pick up mugs for candlemaking [now, I need to get to work candlemaking!].  See the 11 mugs that we found:

I didn’t pay more than 50¢ for any of them and most were only a quarter. So… umm… yeah!  I’m excited to put them to use, but am mindful of the tasks that must be completed first.

We also, with dancing and giggling, found bundles of silver and gold metallic candles. They reach past the edge of the photo, but all the  taper candles you see here were picked up for 50¢.  Yeah us.  Also a set of candle sticks with a Japanese symbol on them, a VERY retro candle holder [this is Ravynn’s purchase] and a taller candle stick that will mesh perfectly with our overall home decor.

One [??] of the major finds of the day [we actually picked this up at two separate locations].  Tons of loose herbs, stick and cone incense, and a little “herbs” plaque.  All picked up for roughly $6. Woo!!

Eric had been saying, during the drive where we set our intentions,that it had been MONTHS since he’d found any decent STAR WARS offerings.  Well, lookie here.  Some ships, a figure or two, a lot of books, magazines, and several badges from SW Cons.

Catering to our inner geeks, we found these items.  Books on Authurian Legend and the prophecies of Nostradamus.  A classic Link/Zelda game. A Game of Thrones card game. And comic books featuring Superman and Aquaman.  Yes Aquaman – squee!

In addition to the pagan-appropriate goodies found above, Eric lucked out with the crafting wish as well.  Several faces [eww!], some plain wooden boxes, easels for displaying his artwork, and that grey case is full of paintbrushes and will give him a good way to store/carry the others he already has.  The Needlecraft book is for Ravynn, a gift from a sweet lady who was touched that someone so young was so excited about counted cross stitch.

And we found clothes.  The girls are especially pleased with the tennis shoes, flip flops, and Blondie tshirt.  They don’t quite understand the awesomeness that is CBGBs :)  There was also a fedora, a white baseball cap, and a Notre Dame baseball cap that didn’t make it into the picture.

Here is the big Bats! meow… find.  Almost 45 pieces of  punk jewelry found for a good price. These will be seen again in a booth display and on the website.

Here we have the “as is” selection of pagan finds. Decorative pieces, vases [one that Eric and I both decided looks like The Goddess”], a giant spider ornament, candle holders, coasters, wall decor, a gorgeous Russian-themed plate, and various rocks/gems.

A walking staff. Just gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it after Eric personalizes it.

I was waiting in the car when this purchase was made.  It freaks me out a little and a I made Eric put it in the back of the van for the drive home. Yes that’s where the kids were, but it didn’t freak THEM out. I understand it’ll be used in an art project [but it does look super amazing at the top of that walking staff].

The “other stuff”.  Backpack, conditioner, bubble bath, journal, thingie to strap and iPod to your arm for running or biking, stickers and writing paper, chopsticks, and seeds.

And a size 2T Colts jersey. Perfect for the dog, who was so exhausted from the walking we did she couldn’t even raise her head for a picture.

Overall, I call the day a success.

A huge success.


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