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Spiders and bats and ballerinas, oh my!! – Home Tour pt 2

Welcome back to our home. While last week we showed you the initial entry way to our home, this week we will journey down ‘the hall’ to the kids’ rooms. Next week, Eric’s and my bedroom will be featured.

Follow me down the hall to see where the gothlings dwell.

It is incredibly difficult to take good photos of the side wall in a narrow hallway when there is no opposing door to step into. As you turn into the hall [to the right from the front entry] with your back to the cross and baby photo display, on your right is a trio of paintings that we quite love. We’re able to see them from the living room where we spend a lot of time.

some of our favorite smaller paintings

Across the hall from the painting trio is a closet where we keep our more basic shelved needs. Extra cold meds, bandages, sheets, and a few games. We are working on better organization to get the games out of there and into an area where we’ll use them more often. Next to the closet is a “den” which lately has become a storage room for items that just don’t fit anywhere else. Extra school supplies, old magazines, books we’ve not thought about reading in a long time… You know, that stuff.

Between the two doors is a wall panel with a small Day of the Dead painting as well as a heart shaped painting by Misty Benson.

Day of the Dead meets Skelly Cats

Next to the door to the den is the entry to the boys’ room. On the wall panel between, we have a gorgeous shelf unit featureing another Living Dead Doll and a medal from the Women’s Relief Corps, dated 1883.

Living Dead Doll with Civil War Medal

Close-up view of a Civil War Medal and the “pet” spider who has made her home on top.

The boys’ room is next. They’ve asked for minimal photographs to be posted, so I just peeked in. [I must admit, I was overjoyed with how clean it was. What mother would complain about the remote being the only thing on the floor?]

A peek inside the boys’ room

On the length of hall across from the door to the boys’ room, we’ve showcased some family photos. Why waste such a great wall?

A wall of family history

A smaller wall between the boys’ and girls’ rooms showcases a painting depicting Eve.


Eve with her shiny apple

The final stop on today’s tour is the girls’ room. Unlike their brothers, they are very excited to show it off.

They’ve decorated their door with Bella Morte and Teddy Scaresposters, as well as some artwork done by both Ravynn and Whisper and a Witch sign. Of course, there is the required Hello Kitty door hanger.

the girl's door

The door to the girls’ room

Whisper’s bed on the left holds pillows and stuffies that are very special to her. A vintage ballerina painting and ballet shoes are favorites.

Whisper’s space with special stuffies and pillows – one she got from my father.

Also on the shelf over her bed are three sweet little ballerinas.

Whisper's space

Whisper’s ballerinas with a Nightmare Before Christmas toy peeking through.

Ravynn’s bed has even more pillows and stuffies. She also has a painting of a wee faerie hiding in a forest of mushrooms over her bed.

Ravynn’s space

A closeup of one of Ravynn’s favorite stuffies. She took this photo to show off the bear she posed with in one of her first Bats! meow… photo shoots.

The bear

The bear I promised Ravynn would show up in the tour images.

A shelf near the foot of Ravynn’s bed holds more ballerinas, faeries, and Hello Kitty. It really is a very girlie place.


Ravynn’s shelf with so much girlie stuff

A shelf next to the door holds more dolls standing in front of an Ayria poster. Whisper was proud of this photo she snapped.

More dolls

Porcelain dolls keep watch next to the door

And finally, Grandmother Spider keeps hold of their dreams as they sleep. She hangs from the light in the middle of the ceiling in the middle of a ribbon web.

Grandmother Spider

A very large dream catcher


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