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Whine, Whine, Wine


March 7th, 2010 Posted 11:35 am

Eric ran out to a long-overdue poker game Friday night.  Not only was it time for a game, but it was also a needed break with some old friends.  Truth be told, I also enjoy having a night home alone every now and again.  To read, write, or work on business stuff after the kids are in bed and the house is quiet.  Yes, I can do all of that with Eric here, but I hate to feel like I’m ignoring him. And I get so caught up in what I’m doing that sometimes I actually am.

Friday night I took full advantage of the situation.  Kids and I ordered in pizza and sat around watching TV favorites until the girls went to bed.  At 10:00, we switched to a movie, but the boys were tired and asked if we could finish it Saturdya when they got up.  Sure thing 🙂  Throughout the evening I was busy plugging away at the data entry on the new shopping cart.  So much of it could be copied and pasted from the existing site, but the setup is changed enough that the current product descriptions look lost on the page.  I was struggling to beef them up.  And letting my frustration get the better of me.  Although I love writing and don’t normally have a problem with getting text on the page, I did find it really difficult to write promotional copy.  Pimping, if you will.

There was a lot of whining; my children mocked me.  I am sure that every five minutes, there was a wee cry of ‘I hate this job,” and a response of, “maybe whining will help.”  Brats.  But there were right.  Whining didn’t help.  So I took a deep breath, poured a glass of the only wine Eric and I have ever both liked and settled down  under a blanket on the sofa.

I love red wine, but Eric doesn’t.  It’s the spices that do it for him 🙂  I have to admit, I love them too.

Before long, I wanted to be a little more comfortable and moved into the bedroom with the laptop, all my notes, and my new copy of  ‘Practical Magic”.  I love that movie!  And it’s a good one to watch while I’m working – I’ve seen it so often that I don’t even have to look at the screen to know what’s going on.   But the plan worked – all of the items are into the database and today will be spent beefing up those product descriptions – as well as grocery shopping and doing laundry.

Exciting life, I lead.  No?


We won an award :)


February 8th, 2010 Posted 10:35 pm

Thank you to Mandy at I Am Java Mama for thinking we’re worthy 🙂

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