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Egg Day

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April 2nd, 2010 Posted 6:20 pm

In our house Good Friday = Egg Day.  Boiling, cooling, coloring, fighting off the boys who wish to snack on them.  Usually, we don’t make many – just enough to make sure the kids get a turn. This year, though, everyone wants to EAT the eggs, so we made extra.  Two dozen.  Wasn’t it lucky that a good friend [with a surplus of chickens] brought over four dozen eggs when she came to visit last weekend.

We’d never worked with brown eggs before, so we were unsure what dropping them in dye would do. To be safe, we added the suggested 2T of vinegar to keep the colors vibrant.  And let them soak extra long.

It worked 🙂

Now, we want to eat them, but the rules clearly state, we cannot until Easter.

Tonight, Eric and I are heading down to Indianapolis to do a little PR, but we’re staying home long enough to watch the season premiere of Wife Swap.  Maybe I can get a nap first.

~ sheila


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