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Bzzing – Simple Truth

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February 12th, 2013 Posted 6:33 am

Simple Truth from Kroger

Several years ago, I signed up as  BzzAgent. They send me samples and I send them my honest feedback.  It’s a good plan that seems to be working out well for both of us.

Not long ago, I was presented an opportunity to sample the Simple Truth line from Kroger.  Now Eric and I try to feed the kids right.  We’re vegetarian. We try to limit the amount of crap they ingest.  We watch whey they eat and strive for balanced meals.  We also do our best to limit our spending and buy store brands whenever they’re available [and saving us money].

Kroger’s Simple Truth campaign was a gift.

About a week ago, a box arrived in the mail. The kids recognized the BzzAgent bee on the mailing label and were hopeful there were snacks inside.

There were!!!


A Peanut Butter Extreme protein bar and a bottle of Cucumber Melon soda.  Well, Whisper and I each took a sip of the soda before losing it to Eric who enjoyed it very much and complained [in jest] that it just wasn’t big enough.  Whisper and I split the protein bar, while commenting that we should have shared it with Alek.  We did not.  And once we tasted it, we didn’t feel bad about it at all.  I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter flavor, but it was good and not overpowering.  Whisper liked it too and reminded me that my “half” had been bigger than hers.

We also got some coupons for free items, so when Jordan’s girlfriend came over to spend the afternoon and watch movies with us, we took advantage of them.  We picked up some Vegetable Sticks, Chocolate Soy Milk, and Blackberry Pomegranate soda.  We did also pick up some other soda and chips, but these items were the highlight.  The girls dove into the veggie sticks immediately and there was some discussion over who got the “extra” soda.

I’m mom. I won.

The soy milk didn’t make it onto the movie snack menu, but it didn’t last long in the fridge before everyone wanted to try it.  It’s gotten rave reviews.

I recommend [if you’re looking for organic items] that you pick these up.  I have a couple coupons I can share with you.  Holler if you want them.