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My Top 10… Movies

I noticed the other day that I often refer to something as “one of my favorite xxx ever.” At a certain point, I realized I must have 100 favorite movies and even more favorite songs. So, I challenged myself to make definitive lists of my top tens as an exercise in creative thinking.

Today, I offer you My Top Ten Movies.

  1. Reservoir Dogs
    What’s not to love? Tarantino. Keitel. Either one of those is enough, but both together… Awesome! Best. Movie. Ever.
  2. Full Metal Jacket
    The movie most people remember from my senior year in high school is Top Gun, which was a fine movie, but this one… I’ve seen it so many times and it just keeps getting better.
  3. Natural Born Killers
    A true chick flick.  Mickey Knox, I think I love you.
  4. Apocalypse Now
    Craaaaaaaaaaazy Marlon Brando.  The man is genius.
  5. Moulin Rouge
    So. I hate musicals.  Hate them. Can’t make it through the first song – with rare exception.  This is an exception.
  6. Practical Magic
    I want this life.
  7. Romance
    I love everything from Catherine Breillat. Everything.  But I love this most.
  8. Picnic
    I saw this movie the first time with my Daddy. I think he was more than a little concerned about my fascination with the anti-hero…  He should have been.
  9. Peter Pan
    Love the book. Love the story. Love this adaptation.
  10. ?? [A movie I don’t know the name of]
    Yeah… So also with my father, I watched a movie about a civil war unit.  At least part of it focussed on the drummer boys who were following the soldiers. I watched it as a child, so pre-1983 probably.

No. These are not in any real order.

Yes. They change almost daily.


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