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I do love to get mail. And I dream of traveling. Ravynn and Whisper at least share these interests with me.  We were very excited to find the Postcrossing website. Several years ago, we got really into it, but fell away from the sending and receiving when we took up other projects.  Finding a stack of Indiana postcards, as well as some stamps I may as well use, I decided to hop back in.

Sheila’s mailbox

» Sent: 41 postcards

» Received: 36 postcards

» Traveling: 9 postcards out of 9

» Sent distance: 298,873 km (185,711 miles)

» Received distance: 250,565 km (155,694 miles)

I’ve added a Postcrossing tab to the top of the blog page.  Check it out to see what we’ve received so far [it’s a work in progress].  If you want to send us a postcard from your town or from a vacation, let me know.

Looking forward to a full mailbox again 🙂


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