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My Top Ten… TV Characters

I noticed the other day that I often refer to something as “one of my favorite xxx ever.” At a certain point, I realized I must have 100 favorite movies and even more favorite songs. So, I challenged myself to make definitive lists of my top tens as an exercise in creative thinking.

Daryl – redneck eye candy


Tonight we welcome back “Walking Dead” after a TOO LONG mid-season break. Yeah… I cannot be the only woman out here who things any separation greater than a week from zombie-killer Daryl Dixon is cruel punishment…

Bit of advice to Carol: Grab him and kiss him.  We need someone to live vicariously through.

With a nod to Daryl [who hasn’t quite made the list yet], I offer you… My Top 10 TV Characters:

  1. The Doctor – Doctor Who
    I have my favorite incarnation; Ravynn has hers. You cannot be a fan without having strong ideas about this.  At the same time,I  kinda love them all.
  2. Hawkeye Pierce – M*A*S*H
    The anti-hero. I suspect this is where it started.  If you haven’t seen M*A*S*H, you really should.
  3. Piper – Charmed
    Functioned as the oldest of three sisters [after we lost Pru]. Super powerful witch. Got the white lighter… What’s not to love?
  4. Leonard Hofstadter – Big Bang Theory
    Leonard is amazing. I won’t pretend much of that is due to his role in his BBT group, but… cute, cool and nerdy.  Squee.
  5. Eric Northman – True Blood
    Yes, I wept a little when he cut his hair.
  6. Gregory House – House, MD
    More anti-hero… And, you know, he needs to be fixed.
  7. Dylan McKay – 90210
    I will always be a 19-year old girl.
  8. McMurphy – China Beach
    Bad ass army nurse with a squishy little heart inside.
  9. John Winchester – Supernatural
    The man is pretty.  And broken. And responsible for Sam & Dean.
  10. Shane – The L Word
    She’s the character that got me hooked on the show. Broken. Anti-hero… you see the theme, right??

No. These are not in any real order.

Yes. They change almost daily.


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