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In the Shop – Quilted

I grew up with quilts. My grandmother made them for my sisters and I and for my cousins.  My parents made them for my wedding and then for each of my kids.  It only seemed natural that I should make them.  Enough of my sisters and cousins quilt that I believe this IS a natural attraction.  Even Ravynn’s caught the bug.

I’ve wanted to add crib quilts to Bats! meow… for a long time, but I, for whatever reason, never put one together. Lately something has stirred and I put together five quilt tops in a matter of days. I hope they sell just as quickly.

This quilt was made as a gift for a friend’s daughter.

Pink and lavender

I fell in love with the peacock fabric and found others to match.  I’m a little sad at how the peacocks aren’t the focus at the end of it.

The peacocks 🙂

I love butterflies!  Ravynn pointed out the purple fabric and we were lucky to find others to match.  I couldn’t resist the temptation to put one together.


I’m not the only one inspired. Ravynn gathered up all the scraps of fabric and put together this 24×24 quilt top.

Ravynn’s scrap quilt

Wanting something darker – something like I would have wanted for my babies – I found these black and red options.  Ravynn and I designed the top and stitched it together.

Black and red.

Hopefully soon we’ll find time to put the backs on and do the quilting.

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One Response to “In the Shop – Quilted”

  1. Belynda
    7:17 am on February 13th, 2013

    Those are quite beautiful!! And Ravyn is proving to be very talented 🙂

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