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I’m really loving this project. Now, if I could just get to work on the Day In The Life photo project.


Sunday, the girls took some quiet time at home to work on the math projects they requested over the summer.  No, really.  Ravynn is 10 and is heading into 6th grade. She’s reviewing pre-Algebra and wants to learn Algebra when she’d ready.  I see that happening in August.  🙂


Blessed Midsummer!  Our ritual table.


The girls have gone nailpolish CRAZY!  I caught them on ‘home spa’ day.


Ravynn was a dear and rubbed my feet after an especially long day.  She’s dreaming up some secret plans at the same time.


Whisper with Big Girl hair after her shower.  She’s always so proud when she gets it wrapped [mostly] right.


My girls are spending a week with Grandma. I do not love this, but I’m not as crazy this year as I have been in the past.  Being a mom of 1 [Alek is off in Houston still] has been weird, but I’ve been able to hang out with Jordan a little more.


Friday, the world tried to fall apart.  Three trees down in the neighborhood; one on a tree [this one], one on a power line, and one [behind the house you see here] on a house which started a fire.  Thankfully power wasn’t out for long and the cleanup went quickly.




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